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Hey Product Hunt! It feels great to be finally launching the new Farewill. We’ve designed a simple product that allows you to write your online will in under 15 minutes, for a fraction of the usual cost. 97% of people don’t have an up to date will, and 88% of parents haven't appointed a guardian for their children - we’re out to change that. For today only we're offering 50% off with the code 'producthunt50' This re-brand has been a massive effort for our small team of 6. We worked alongside Koto, the team behind brands such as Airbnb, Fanta, and Gumtree on something we feel is really unique, and not what you'd expect when it comes to dealing with death. Our mission is to change the way people deal with death and dying, and this feels like a great first step for us. If you have any questions or feedback I’d love to chat. Cheers!
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I need to setup a Will. Unfortunately this is only available in England or Wales. When are you expanding to the U.S., @harrycopeman?
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan! We have no specific plans yet but we're definitely looking forward to taking on that challenge in the future.
@scott_robertson thanks for the tip!
@scott_robertson @rrhoover @chuckreynolds I'm Rob, the CTO at Willing – let me know if you have any questions or feedback about Willing! Thank you for the mention, Scott.
Awesome to see you guys on here! I used Farewill recently, and the experience was fantastic. You could say it was dead simple. 🙊 Edit: I just saw the GIF. It's not so funny anymore. Welp.
@jarrattisted dead curious to see the Gif now! 🙃 what was it? 🤔
@loaibassam It has the logo and then Dead Simple: https://ph-files.imgix.net/35733... 😝
Have seen ads for this around London—love what you guys have done. The design work and the re-invention of a concept unchanged for centuries is so awesome. The only note I'd mention is on the landing page, the price is really salient, which is good. But—I, probably like many of your users, have never thought about a will before. I have no clue what they normally cost (assume 10x this). Some sort of comparison/explanation to a normal process of writing a will would definitely help to clear it up a little :)
@nicksmithr Thanks Nick, glad you're into it. Really solid feedback, I'm working to improve this right now.
Who'd have thought death would be disrupted!? Nice work @harrycopeman and team!