Fareness for iOS

Book the trip dates and places with the lowest airfares

Fareness for iPhone+iPad launched this past week. The idea behind Fareness is to help leisure travelers find and book the cheapest trip dates and places at a glance today, without hundreds of searches, and without waiting / delaying one's trip (and hoping) that the price goes down later. All feedback welcome!
How do you source the cheapest flights available, do you have an algorithm that scours the web? Also, if I was to search multiple times - like I would for planning my own flight - would the cache be logged, and prices increase?
@nick_wesley Hi Nick, we are pulling in flight fare data from licensed sources for hundreds of millions of flights and making it available to the consumer in real time. The end result is the ability to browse fares by date on a scrollable calendar for 6 months without ever executing a single specific search, and to see the cheapest trips on our map and trip tiles. If you search multiple times, prices won't change.