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This is exactly what I've been looking for! I love to travel, but really don't care when (so long as it's reasonably priced) - so this is perfect.
Where has this been all my life
From the NYT: "For those with no specific destination in mind, the site allows them to search 'Europe,' 'outdoors' or 'family,' which results in a range of flight options in a variety of appropriate destinations. For example, for travelers who know they want to go to the beach but can’t decide between Maui and Cancun, Fareness will show the lowest-priced options within a range of dates at a number of beach destinations. The company says its search engine can offer up to nearly 200 departure dates and 10 trip lengths with one search." Reminds me of @gillianim's Histlist app, if it was just for desktop, particularly the featured destination cards on the homepage as to where I can get away - right now - from my departure city.
@daveambrose thanks for the feedback. Fareness is quite a bit more robust from both a front and backend perspective. On the front end, you can search Fareness for any destination and see a scrollable calendar of fares for 200 departure dates, a corresponding map of similar destinations, and suggested trip tiles across themes, all at once. You're also able to hone in on your desired trip month and trip length. On the backend, we're not simply tied into an OTA -- we built our own engine for maximum accuracy and bookability to keep track of millions of dynamic fares. And, we have a robust hotel search built in, which we will be transitioning into discounted package bookings within Fareness.
@scottwww we should meet and compare notes! Are you based in the city or the valley?
I wish there was a way to filter by alliance... Super helpful for FF with status.
I like the idea of this. However, I kind of wished that the site showed the round trip fares on the homepage, as opposed to just the one-way fare? Is there a way to change this? That would be more useful, albeit a bit more difficult if you are selecting a range of days.
@wwr228 Hi Will: all fares are shown as round trip.
@scottwww @wwr228 Ahh, sorry. After selected a trip, I saw the price for the what I thought was the first flight, but it is for the round trip ticket. Good to know! I'll definitely be using this!