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Get notified of amazing deals and error fares to snag up to 80% off your next flight. FareDrop searches through millions of airfares a day - join to personalize your results and get notified of hidden deals so you can save on your next trip!
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Why should I give you payment details for a free trial? Do you not have confidence in your own product successfully converting me to a paying user?


I don't know - I dropped off when asked for payment details for a free trial


Can't try the service without giving payment details

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Does anyone have insight into how these types of sites work? Is there smarts behind it looking for deals or are they being pushed packages and sales from the usual suspects? Skyscanner, Expedia etc
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I follow Kara and Nate on YouTube... saw that they just announced this and it looks like a cool product. At the moment, you can only search for flights from four countries: AU, CA, UK, and US (but to all around the world). Excited to see this launch for other markets soon too!
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I'm from France and I don't have the cities Paris and Bordeaux in "from" cities. Can you add them ?


Good UI


Not enough cities

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I don't even know if London is just Heathrow or other London airports as well (the former might be the case as Edinburgh has two options). And yet I need to give my card details to find out, knowing full well that I will forget to cancel. Thanks, but no, thanks. Not leaving my card details before I know it's worth it.
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