Farebucketlist is saving you £300 on average by finding the best flight deals out there from London to anywhere in the world. Business class seat and a glass of champagne 35000 feet above ground would be a necessity while traveling to your next dreamy destination.

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As someone who loves to travel but can't always afford it, this looks like a great platform. I've signed up and crossing my fingers for a dream discount! :)
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@asher_harris well we really hope it's going to be soon! Let us know when/if you book! :)
@asher_harris do you have destination in mind?
Starting Farebucketlist was almost natural, because being able to search for all destinations on the globe 24/7 is not something anyone could manage. We find the lowesr fares and share them with you. It took some time to set up, but finally we’re ready to share it with you :)
How do you differ from other flight comparison websites? A lot of flight comparison websites are free for the consumer, with the airline/booking company paying commission. Would be interested to hear why you have chosen a different revenue model.
@wolfywolf Many people faced with the traditional options for booking travel, usually end up booking trips that cost a lot, spend precious time, and missed the best price for your itinerary. People don't look for flights and don't compare flights. Instead we analyse and find the lowest fare to many locations over a large period of time and send only the best deals out there.
Nice idea. However, I'd love to be able to get the deals without having to pay to pay for them. Can't you just offer free access for users then make a commission from the airline offering the special. It could work like Hotel Tonight or LastMinute.com. Lots of potential.
@davidjlowe We don't work with third party airlines. Instead we advise our clients when is the best moment to book a ticket to a specific location and what is the best value for their money.
@patric_hadzsinicsev How do you guys differ from Hopper?
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Hi @davidjlowe The usual booking engines do benchmark like for like, in another word you will get only Economy fares if you search for Economy fares no matter of your budget and dates. Whereas we compare Economy prices against Premium classes prices, so the client will get more. My experience as Automation and airfare analyst show that people spend a lot, however they can get more value for less money traveling in a upper cabin class.

The Jack's flight club for people who want to fly premium without the price tag - definitely recommend!


Simplifies the process of finding cheap premium flights - I didn't have to move a finger and I saved £320 off flights to Costa Rica


If I could chose exactly which dates and exactly where to fly to filter the deals that would be amazing