FarCloser Travel

Map based tour and cruise discovery and comparison made easy

FarCloser Travel was built to empower travelers to understand their organized travel options without the bias of the traditional travel retail model. Users can search available trips using our industry-first interactive map to find the option best suited to them, not us, and be connected to their preferred booking channel.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our page! We hope you like what you see. Even though we're just getting started, we're working with companies like Contiki, G Adventures, Uniworld and Crystal cruises to inspire your next trip of a lifetime. We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and which tour operators and/or cruise lines you'd like to see in the platform. Can't wait to hear from you and thanks again.

Great product filling a gap in the market - looking forward to seeing it grow!


All encompassing trips

Different price points


Hopefully even more brands will begin working with Far Closer in the future

Thanks Travis! We are definitely hoping to add many more brands so travellers can discover the perfect experience for their interests, priorities and budget. We've got a few more lined up already and are always working on building new relationships with others. If you've got any particular brands in mind, please let us know and we will see what we can do! Thanks for your feedback!

Love the FarCloser concept, such a great app


super fun and intuitive


i don't have time to go to all those wonderful places

Haha, thanks Dafne! And we feel your pain about the lack of time. Working with these incredible operators and looking at their trips everyday has caused some serious travel envy for all of us!! Let's just start with one!

Keep up the great work!


Sleek, easy to use interface. Beautiful design. It feels warm and inviting.


I wish I had time and money to travel!

Thanks so much Stephen! I feel you about the lack of time and money. Our travel wish list is SO long now after having been looking at all of these incredible experiences. We'll just have to start with one at a time!

If you love travel, check it out!


Love the easy search options!


Not sure I've found any cons.

Thank you so much Sonja! Glad you love it - and it's only the beginning ;)