Faraday Porteur S

5-speed version of Faraday's classic e-bike design

As an owner of a 2014 Porteur, I can only say it's transformed how I think about commuting. 100%. I try to ride the 6 hilly miles to my Seattle office whenever I can, to the exclusion of all other modes, and almost completely without regard to weather. It's just so damned fun to erase uphill grades. My ~30min Faraday commute time is faster than driving during any typical rush hour. If you think of it as a car replacement instead of an e-bike, the pricing starts to seem much more reasonable. Anyone living within 10 miles of their workplace should take a look at Google Maps directions for bicycling and learn just how different their commute might be.
@shobe thanks for the great review and great to hear you're getting so much quality ride-time out of your Porteur! We like to think that with a Faraday you can transform your daily commute from one of the more stressful and unpleasant parts of your day into the highlight. Also, learned a crazy stat today. 29% of the entire US population has a commute less than 5 miles. 51% is less than 10 miles. Faraday makes that round trip a breeze. Imagine half of your friends, families, and co-workers showing up happy and refreshed at the office each day after an enjoyable bike ride. Now that's a world we'd like to live in!