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There's a lot of self-loving and big claims coming from FF and for the kind of things they have been saying about their product, this is not it. As to what may happen from here, we got relatively little insight into..
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@obbrobb I agree. When they were talking up the customization features, I was wondering if this is something they'll be releasing with other car manufacturers soon. Instead, they admitted to teasing us all and proclaimed they're "moving VERY fast" - they'll see us with a product in a few years (fast obviously means something different to them)
@obbrobb We're working towards it. Takes some time to do what we're trying to do and majority of our team has been at the company less than 6 months.
@sajclarke hahaha and how many times do they have to repeat these "pillars" of theirs? Just once will do, guys
@andyfortson @obbrobb I'm sure you're all a bunch of nice and ambitious folk at Faraday Future, Andy. However, no one really cares if you aren't living up to the bold claim of challenging Tesla. If you don't want to be held to such high standards then the marketing team needs to change the messaging/branding of FF
@andyfortson @obbrobb One way to change the branding is not go on stage to announce a concept car. I personally think it's great to see a Tesla competitor enter the fray as boldly as FF has however more needs to be done to truly deliver
"Our goal was to build a car with a sixth sense for its driver's intentions and needs. One with adaptive personalization, seamless transfer of custom vehicle configurations, access to live images, and real time data visualization." --@faradayfuture team. The future is here. This car looks insane.
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Looks beautiful but not a whole lot different from the futuristic-looking concept cars other manufacturers show off at motor shows and which never get made.
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"More than a concept car - it is a car of concepts." ...ok?
@dustinlocke this is a great line. :)
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