Faraday Future

A next-generation, connected electric vehicle

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Super stoked to see FF on here this morning. I just joined the team a week and a half ago. We're growing like crazy, moving super fast, and building some amazing vehicles and tech.
This is more of an idea than a product. Nothing about HOW they intend to do anything they say: no team page, no technology, nothing really other than some fancy parallax and hyperbolic text about the future. Even the careers page lists positions you'd hope they would have quietly filled before throwing up a web page claiming to be the future of transportation. Move along, folks, nothing to see here (yet). EDIT: See comments from makers below.
@nafisto I respect your constructive criticism -- we've been running in stealth for over a year until today. Please reference our LinkedIn page for a roster of the team: https://www.linkedin.com/company... -- You'll note many former Tesla engineers, our head of design created the BMW i8, and our lead Architect was the head of engineering for the Model S. Headquarters are in Gardena, CA at the former R&D lab of Nissan.
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@nafisto Hey Nafis - This article might help a bit to understand our background: http://www.inc.com/travis-wright...
@andyfortson Thanks--great background and looking forward to seeing the pre-orders pop up :-)
@marcusnelson Thanks--you guys should pimp yourselves on your site! Rooting for you and hoping you can create the transformation you're talking about.
@nafisto Thank you @nafis -- really appreciate it!
Interested in hearing what price points you'll be targeting.
@chrisgscott all in due time my man, but it'll be here sooner than you think!
Very interesting. I love the variable platform architecture. It's pure innovation, and progressive moonshots shouldn't stop there! :) I have a few thoughts on misc stuff autonomous cars could do to make our lives better: I'd love to see autonomous taxis handle hospital trips from unordinary locations that don't require an ambulance (or when FF beats the ambulance!) Imagine heart attack victims only needing to wait 15 seconds for a FF car down the street to come and safely zip them to a hospital instead of the often deadly fifteen minute wait to find an ambulance. When crime is reported, FF can have eyes on the ground as fast as the empty autonomous taxi one block over can sprint 100 meters. Constant eyes on the street is one of the biggest sources of direct gain citizens will see and attributes to automated cars (lower traffic/better parking/etc might not be stitched back to automated cars by non-tech people.) The data of which (non FF) cars are being driven and in what location is very interesting. It could be a simple {car model, lat, long} setup filled from the car's camera array. I can't think of a way to make money with this data, but it'd be interesting to see. I'm sure I'll think of others, but seeing FF raise the bar of innovation is exciting! Good luck! :)
Love the design and the name, "FFZero1" so binary it is!