Nice! I want a soap bar
@romanzadyrako Thank you! We can create custom soaps in any shape or color.
So cool. It would be nice to have the pricing on the site - unless I missed it.
@charliehinojosa Thanks, Charlie! Since every order is highly custom, the pricing will never be the same on any two orders. Feel free to reach out if you would like a quote for your company.
@charliehinojosa We added a pricing page to explain how we calculate the pricing for our templates and custom items. Let us know if this helps: http://www.farfetchedcreations.c...
I like the website design. If you're in the market for artisanal, gluten free bespoke chocolate prices might not be your biggest concern. But why don't you mention it at all? Do you really expect me to order >5,000 bars without knowing if that's going to cost $250, $2,500 or $25,000? Startups tend to look at costs (hopefully). So please include the price. Otherwise it's a little too SoMa for me 😉
@loudijk Lex, our mission is to provide opportunity for self-expression for companies large and small while providing products of the highest quality ingredients. No two products will be the same, therefore we can't estimate the prices until we know the details and complexity of your project. Feel free to reach out if you would like a quote.
@evgenia_valieva thx for the answer. As a business owner that makes zero sense to me. But I guess I am not your target demographic. Good luck scaling this beyond SF!
@loudijk Thank you for your feedback! It's definitely something we will consider as we continue to expand.
That is so fun and different! Love it :-)
I dig this. What type of budgets do you work with? ie) what would 100 custom plastic pieces be?
@abe_storey Hi Abe, the pricing depends on the size and complexity of your project. We are happy to work with a range of budgets and find a solution that works for you. Do you have any particular idea in mind for your 100 pieces? From there we are able to give you a quote and discuss your needs.