Far Fetched Creations

One-of-a-kind startup swag

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@romanzadyrako · CEO, Tooltip.io
Nice! I want a soap bar
Charlie Hinojosa
@charliehinojosa · Founder, CEO at Sightbox & Tapp That App
So cool. It would be nice to have the pricing on the site - unless I missed it.
@loudijk · Founder at Lewis.ai
I like the website design. If you're in the market for artisanal, gluten free bespoke chocolate prices might not be your biggest concern. But why don't you mention it at all? Do you really expect me to order >5,000 bars without knowing if that's going to cost $250, $2,500 or $25,000? Startups tend to look at costs (hopefully). So please include the price.… See more
Alex Weber
@lecanardmalade · Marketing & Design
That is so fun and different! Love it :-)
Abe Storey
@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
I dig this. What type of budgets do you work with? ie) what would 100 custom plastic pieces be?