Fantasy Life 2.0

Matthew Berry’s fantasy sports social community

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Fantasy Life is the best mobile sports community to talk fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, WWE, MMA, Nascar, golf, eSports, or anything else you would hear at a sports bar. Our social community loves funny memes, polls, GIFs, chats about favorite teams, and witty comments. Matthew Berry (ESPN, The Talented Mr. Roto), the face of fantasy football co-founded the app as a place for fans to chat about sports, get fantasy advice, and even find sleepers for your team. Find Matthew @matthewberry Upgrades and features for the 2016 NFL Season: - New Posting Options that include GIFs, Lists, and Links. follow experts, and tailor your FL Home Feed. - Discovery Tab: find the best fantasy relevant content in the FL Community. Find trending player polls, lineup questions, live game chats, and users to follow. - Public and Private Chat upgrades: become the commissioner of your own chat. Talk trash with your league members or join a public chat to talk to experts, get analysis on your team, or help other managers with their lineups. - Other additions: user tagging, notification upgrades, new design, etc.
Two of my favorite things, Fantasy Football- and Product Hunt. Today is a good day.
One of my favorite Fantasy Football apps! Great work :) @MatthewBerry & team.
The Fantasy Life app is filled with a group of people that make the community great, and all the polls, advice and chats a true fantasy or sports fan could want. Couldn't be more excited about the launch of 2.0.
Congrats on the launch @The_Scott_Davis and team!