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Featured Embed allows you to see exactly how well your Fantasy Baseball players are performing. See which categories your team is strong or weak in and use suggested pickups to improve. Compare your team to others in your league to see how you match up.
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David Balderston
David BalderstonMaker@davidbalderston
Baseball season is upon us! For each of the last 6 years playing Fantasy Baseball, I spent more time creating an app to help me then I did actually preparing. This year I decided to turn what I had been building into something everyone can use. With this app, you can see category based rankings for each player and a complete overview of your team to see where your team is strong and where they are weak. Use this information to help you build upon those strengths or improve your weaknesses. You can also see each other team in your league and see how they match up against you. This also will show you the top suggested pickups based on their overall rankings. Currently 'Premium' gives you access to a trade analyzer so you can see exactly how a trade affects your team to make sure you don't make a mistake. I have many more Premium and standard features planned to add throughout the season. This is just the beginning for this. If you do not have a team but want to check it out, feel free to just use the number in the ESPN input placeholder (22898813) and select any team. This will let you see inside as if you owned that team. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thank you for checking it out, I hope you like it. David B
Daniel F.
Daniel F.@fornerdan · Product Manager - Travel
@davidbalderston Any chance this will be connecting with CBS anytime soon?
David Balderston
David BalderstonMaker@davidbalderston
@fornerdan Haven't looked into CBS, but I will check it out and see if I can add it in as well!