Turn any Discord into a squad/startup/cartel/multisig/DAO

Fantastic12 is a Discord bot that lets you turn any channel into a squad (think team/band/startup/cartel/multisig) where members can collaborate on bounties on and and share the income through team consensus. Built on Ethereum.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone. You may ask yourself what can you do with Fantastic12? Many wonderful things: - Form a freelancer co-op, and enjoy working with friendly peers instead of bosses in fancy Italian suits! Out of your own living room! - If you’ve got money, hire a squad by posting a bounty on and reaching out to the squad through Discord! - Turn your hackathon project into a DAO! Share the prizes you win, and keep in touch after through the magic of Discord! - Heck, you could run your hackathon with Fantastic12! Post the bounties and prizes on, let hacker teams join your Discord server & form squads, and just watch them compete for your bounties. (peeps who went to ETH Denver 2020 will see how this is light-years ahead of a certain other solution XD). - If you’re into none of the above…Fantastic12 also doubles as a crypto tipping bot. Tip your friends ETH/DAI using their Discord handle/ENS name! - How can you get started with Fantastic12? Go to and use the invite link to add Fantastic12 to your Discord server. We are on Telegram and if you’re technical, check out our GitHub! We'd love to have your feedback. And let us know if you run hackathons in the next following months, we'd love to partner with you to help your community collaborate in new ways.