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We create show with the phones of the crowds

We turn people, via their phones, into pixels creating a giant screen at a live event. It's not just about shining flashlights. On the screen formed from crowd phones, we can show anything - the logo of a team or brand, a running line, or the Godfather movie
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Fans are even more involved in the game and support their team. Teams get incredible stands and the inspiration to win. Clubs and brands increase the loyalty of the audience, encourage return to the stadium, and bring a new audience.
This has not happened before. It used to be just a light show, but now we can create a screen and broadcast anything there. Sport is not only a sport, but it is also a show. And the FTB project is just about the show.
Hey guys! Upvoted! Not just because I’m a big sport fan but also because I wish covid 19 will end soon and the show (at all stages) will go on :) BTW, I’m wondering, how you plan to differentiate among competitors (like FlashBeats)?
@vitoberdi Thanks!!! We do not create a light show like FlashBeats. We are creating essentially a huge TV. And also we have a different target audience and business model.