Your API stack. Now with realtime push.

Fanout is a hybrid reverse proxy and message broker that helps you instantly push data to connected devices. Open technology lets you run Fanout in the cloud or on your own servers.

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Wow, thanks Kiki! Fanout guy here. Would love to answer any questions.
@650redhair So are you similar to Pusher in features/functionality?
@650redhair @callmeed Yep, Fanout is similar to Pusher, except we're more focused on API creation. See for more details.
Rock star team, massive idea, and the sexiest head of ginger the world has ever seen.
Hey folks. Another Fanout guy here. One of the things that makes us different from alternatives is that we've got a very open philosophy. We promote open standards, create and sponsor open source projects. and even our *server* code is open. Hope you like it!
Hey @650redhair @jkarneges, question about pricing: are you charging for both received and then delivered? I assume received means sent to from sender client to your server, while delivered from your server to receiver client, correct? So in normal case, for single message being sent, I'd pay twice, correct?