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Hey Product Hunters! If you're a sports fan, then Fanly is definitely worth checking out! We're the ONLY mobile app that curates all the content about your favorite sports teams from over 2,000 of the top news sources. We're here to simplify the process of keeping up and staying connected with your teams; ultimately trying to make everyone a better fan. ** So why should you try Fanly? ** 1 - We've got your teams covered with news from every top source along with curated Twitter accounts to make sure you get to all the content you want, as fast as possible and ALL IN ONE PLACE. 2 - We're a tech company that loves sports, not a major news network. We're sports fans ourselves and we're not creating content, we're using technology to make sense of it for fans and to simplify the process for every fan out there. 3 - It's FREE! If you don't LOVE IT, then you can simply delete it! That won't happen :) Check it out and please leave your feedback in the comments!
@mademan468 check @linktexting for your landing page and will download!
@blaurenceclark @mademan468 We already have a text to install on our landing page, but that's a pretty cool tool for developers that might not want to hassle with building it themselves. Good job. Let me now what you think of the app.
@mademan468 Thanks but I don't see a desktop text input on your page. I'm on Chrome desktop.
Hey Everyone - Please remember to leave feedback! It's the most important part of this process and thanks for your support!
Thanks for all the great feedback. Keep it coming! We're happy to answer everyone's questions.
There was once a time when I supported the New York Knicks, but my psychiatrist recommended that I stop supporting them if I want to live past 30. But when I did support them I used the ESPN app for this? . . . . Their settings used to allow me to tailor my notifications for each team, player, score, etc . . . . . How does fancy differ? And also you require Facebook and Twitter log in, is this for UX, meaning are there social components here that allow users to engage with each other or is the FB and Twitter a growth strategy to get your links and name on those platforms?
@blastchatbleez Hey thanks! Yea we're adding all of that stuff in this next build based on the feedback. We wanted to start with plenty of content first and make the app was as engaging as possible. The social strategy is really to make sure that you are connected to your teams. We're working directly with teams to make sure that you and the team are connected. Teams will reward you with free tickets, gear, etc. The social aspect is being layered on top of the new component. We are adding Google Plus this week as well.
Love the layout and design! Aesthetically this thing is beautiful, and makes it easy to search for an article you want to read about your favorite team even in the dead of the offseason. Would love to see the app offer scoreboards, daily fantasy game tracking, maybe even the ability to track certain players instead of teams (i.e. if you're a LeBron fan, but not necessarily a Cavs fan or NBA fan). This app is a must download for any sports fan though.. definitely a lot of promise with it!
@realfauxmadden Hey! Thanks for the feedback on the design! Keeping it simple is the key and we're definitely adding the Scores in the next build. Fantasy tracking is going to be added once we have critical mass, but I think we'll have a way to let you keep track of specific players. Any other suggestions or features as you play with it? Thanks