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Hey Hunters, REALLY excited to share what I've been working on for the past 8 months. Fanify is a livestream platform giving its streamers actual value - the ability to monetize. I, a 23 year old female founder who’s heard the doubts of livestreaming stuck to my passion for music and built Fanify ( because, well, it’s time to bring the ‘biz’ up to speed. After both working in the music industry, where reps constantly scour the internet for the next big 'thing’, and being a musician myself, familiar with the huge and growing online music community, I saw a flaw. Music is a dated industry as innovative as your grandmother. Not very. Today’s musicians have content promotion platforms like Instagram, and Vine, and they have crowdfunding- type fundraising platforms like Kickstarter. They lack one place to do the two most crucial things in support of their careers 1) grow their fan base and 2) raise money without needing to convert fans from the content promotion to the funding platforms. Now there is. Start a livestream, invite followers, go live! Now musicians can perform for their thousands of fans worldwide anywhere and at any time, avoid the steep cost of touring, and earn real money tips in the process from the power of their phone and through a beautiful and simple app. For fans/ viewers, see your favorite artists perform intimately from their room, the studio, or before they take the stage; discover new artists and music, and tip to show your support :) I'm really looking forward to hearing what you all think! Would love to hear from you - and @ThatLoniSchuman on Twitter. Rock on!
Great product, I am really delighted to see musicians connect with the real world in a more profound way, and cut out the middle man, however I just have one concern, Periscope can be used for this purpose as well, how does Fanify differ in it's features?
@ideasrex Hey! Thanks for the comment. You're right, Periscope can be used for livestream. But, Periscope doesn't allow users to monetize. With Fanify, musicians can earn tips while performing for their fans. We're making it super simple for them to earn from their fans... that's the hope at least, to help the musicians out!
@thatlonischuman Thanks for responding, that makes sense, actually focusing on monetizing options, just for musicians and to make sure it is as different as possible to Periscope's tip jar, I think the app will do very well. Also I think if it had maybe some kind of collaborative options between the musicians, would be good. I have a feeling there is an opportunity there as well.
@ideasrex Agree with you 100%. We're planning on constantly improving and adding great features like the one you just suggested. Thank you so much for the excitement!
Amazing product! Quick question- I noticed there weren't any live- streams on the app? But I also saw that you had some really great artists lined up for event, how can I watch them perform?
@danielrubin109 Hey Daniel. Thanks for bringing that up! Fanify is musician focused. Meaning a musician can start a livestream whenever they want, invite their *already existing fan base* and livestream. So unfortunately, there aren't concurrent streams going on, especially since we've just launched today. The hope is to be the place musicians go to livestream and perform for fans and there will always be several streams going on at once. But by downloading the app, you will be ready to tune into your favorite artists when they choose to stream :)
@thatlonischuman , I am not a musician, but I do love music. The onboarding of this app is going to leave people wanting a different experience. I was hoping to see a list of current musicians or something where I could feed my new music need. So... as a non-musician, how do I watch the feeds of other musicians? I have no interest in broadcasting but it seems to be the only option. I am more than a little confused by the replies in the comments because as a new user, they don't even make sense.
@ryanmtaylor Hi Ryan, thanks for the comment. I am more than happy to explain your concern. Since Fanify is musician focused AND only live, unlike other livestream apps, it's hard to really show the benefits of Fanify. The platform is to be used as a virtual stage for artists, letting the artist invite their fans and start an impromptu live performance. I would be happy if you'd check out our Instagram (@Fanify_app) to see some of the artists (with very substantial followings, in the thousands) signed up. I hope this explains the platform a bit more!
@thatlonischuman Thanks for the reply. Seems like a good thing for established musicians with a fan base. My followup would be, I follow quite a few artists on Facebook and I have noticed that most of them are starting to use Facebook's live streaming and when that happens I receive a notification letting me know they are now streaming live. What makes fanify, as a platform, better than Facebook in this realm?
@ryanmtaylor good point. Facebook is fantastic for artists, when they want to reach out to fans an perform, but what's the point of livestreaming for fans for 5 minutes or 5 hours? Why not monetize at the same time? That's where Fanify trumps. We help artists do the two things noone else lets them do, perform AND monetize, in one!
Loni's done an amazing job building this app and nurturing a vibrant community on Fanify. The app has some amazing artists and seeing them perform spontaneously is super fun and exciting! Rock on! 🎷
@yoavanaki Thanks for the support!