Start your fan platform. Founded by dj/producer Sam Feldt.

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Hi - I’m Jasper, one of the founders of Fangage. We soft launched this product during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016. Fangage provides brands and influencers with their own beautiful exclusive content portal that allows them to connect with, and collect important data on, each of their fans. The basic idea is sharing personal data in exchange for unlocking exclusive content. We really wanted to build a great product for both our clients and their fanbase. Great UX and mobile first. Our built-in social integrations not only drive immediate social engagement (follows, likes, etc) but also capture valuable customer data including emails, phonenumbers and many more profile info. We’ve integrated Fangage with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Google, Shopify, Woocommerce, bookingAPP and many more. For more info please view our short introduction video: See the features in our downloadable whitepaper. AngelList? Want to see Fangage live? Please visit for the work we did for Sam Feldt, DANNIC, Oliver Heldens, Frequencerz and many more. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Just comment below or drop an email @!
As a co-founder but also the first client of the platform, I wanted to briefly weigh in on how this service got started. Being an artist and internationally touring DJ, I've always struggled to find a fan-friendly way to share exclusive content while gathering fan insights and infos at the same time. At the time we started the profile, I ran all my free downloads and giveaways through a third party "follow to download" gate where I had no access to all the info this third party platform was collecting on me. Also it was ad supported and very user-unfriendly. That's when I got the idea to start a platform of my own, focused on being super fan-friendly and easy to use for both the artist and the fan. That's how got started and we launched the first portal shortly after. It's crazy to see that some of the biggest DJ's in the world are now using it! We just launched and are working on portals for Laidback Luke, Blasterjaxx and others to name a few. This is a product born out of personal frustration with the alternatives and I guess that's how a lot of good ideas are born. If any of you reading this want to have a chat about how to use it for your brand, feel free to hit me up. Because (and a lot of marketeers do not realize this), in the end, marketing an artist isn't that different from marketing a brand. We both have fans, we just need a good way to centralize and engage them. That's what is all about :-)
Love the chatwizard!
Thanks @tahlia_ja45 inspired by the old Pokemon games :)
This concept appeals to me because of its straightforward aim of servicing the fan with a collection of media and opportunities related to the artist, along with direct promotions regarding events in your own area. I think taking this outside of the spheres of social media and into the artists' own control creates many new opportunities for the music scene. Moreover, the execution has been well done: the UX and UI are beautiful and intuitive. A++ for innovation!
@mosymuis Thanks for your kind words! Means a lot for the team.
Nice concept! Never seen this before!
Thanks @kristinla255! There are a few who do bits of it. But we try not only to make a great tool for our clients, but also for their fans. A lot of tools focus on collecting data, and we give something back in the way of a great portal with content for the fans.. We're unique in this!