Carefully-curated film library - indie, classic, & foreign

"For cinephiles, Fandor is the ultimate streaming service with a hand-selected library of thousands of classic and independent titles." - @cameronscheetz Subscription plans are $7.50/mo for yearly, and $10/mo for monthly. I'm going to switch from Netflix to Fandor, looks like the latter is more my style.
@nikkielizdemere I might have to subscribe too! Wish they had an Apple TV channel - my AirPlay has been mad spotty lately.
Huge fan. It takes out the pain of "what should we watch?" Just give control over to Fandor and trust them to pick out something good. There'll be some films that you like more than others, but the overall experience is so much better. To make it even better, don't read the description for what they suggest you watch next. So much more fun when you have no idea if you're watching a black comedy or Finnish melodrama. Give up control for a couple hours a week and just let a film wash over you.
@hueypriest Erik that sounds wonderful.
This kind of project is interesting, sort of comes out of a cultural reaction to that everything-all-the-time approach of Netflix et al. We're seeing more and more niche content services pop up, and that's awesome. Although I can see a lot of them ending up as niche sub-brands to those "everything" companies, which feels... sad I guess. Who knows.