Fastest content scheduler for social media.

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Hello everybody! πŸ‘‹ I am Claudio, the founder of Fanchimp. I will be here all day available to answer questions. So ask me anything! Cheers 🍻
How's it different from Buffer? :) Genuinely would like to know. I am a Buffer user and find it so helpful so I'm curious about yours.
@espreedevora same here! I'm sure this is great, but why should I switch from buffer?
Schedule content for your social media in less time. Easily review the order and scheduling of your content before it's published.
Pretty neat how it brings the content into the platform from lots of different sources, nice twist!
Hi Espree and Adam. Today to do marketing on social media you have to use different tools. Usually Feedly to save the blogs that are most relevant and then Buffer/Hootsuite to schedule the content you find interesting in those blogs. Fanchimp merges those two kind of products into one. This way everything get faster and smoother. Let me know what you think about it.