Fan Stream

Fan driven sports radio. Just in time for the NBA Finals

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Fan Stream instantly connects fans together in live audio conversations to discuss their favorite teams. Think Google Hangouts meets Bleacher Report. Fan Stream makes watching games social and engaging without missing the action in the game.
@erictwillis Thanks for the Hunt! By utilizing audio instead of text, communication with the community is both hands and eyes free which makes a lot more sense when you are watching sports. If you are watching a game alone, just tune into the “Game Day” station of your team (or a private station with your friends which also may include video) and talk to other fans watching the same game. We want to make the experience as natural as if your friends are in the living room watching the game with you. However, Fan Stream is not just for live games. Stations are open pregame, postgame, on off nights, and even during the off season (who doesn’t love talking the draft?)-- a dedicated 365-day destination to talk your team anytime you want
Awesome product guys, I run a sports tech slack community called STHQ. Please feel free to check it out here: Great place to chat about the product and get some feedback from other sports tech lovin folk. We would love to have you guys. If you are interested in joining you can follow this link for a fee invite 😉
@troy_ruediger Thanks for the kind words! I will sign up now
@jeff1harris1 woohoo! Awesome Jeff, look forward to having you!