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Lyle Stevens
Lyle StevensHunter@thelylestevens
You have all these Facebook fans, but do you know which ones are influencing their friends on behalf of your brand? With Fan Grader, you can discover your most influential Facebook fans for free. This is done by analyzing the posts published by your Facebook page over the last 30 days and identifying the fans who drove the most engagement with those posts. Once your posts are analyzed, a report is generated that shows the total engagement created by the top micro-influencers among your fan base. You can also export that report for further analysis be your marketing team or contact your micro-influencers directly via a private Facebook message. You can even run Fan Grader on your competitor's Facebook page. Let us know what you think!
Liz Cormack
Liz Cormack@lizco · Senior Experience Designer, Sonos
@thelylestevens this is awesome -- does it pull up the content they share alongside the influencer info? will be useful to prioritize the type of content they share most.
Lyle Stevens
Lyle StevensHunter@thelylestevens
@lizco Thanks for the suggestion! We are analyzing that content, but are not currently displaying it in the UI. We do have that feature in our roadmap, but right now we are prioritizing adding other social networks into the analysis/report.
Jason Shuman
Jason Shuman@boatshuman · VC @ Corigin Ventures
Big fan of Fan Grader. It's an interesting little growth hack tool for startups and large brands alike to help engage the best influencers. Found it really helpful in my last startup as I was able to message those people that were the strongest influencers and got a much better ROI from the personal relationship.
Mikael Löwgren
Mikael Löwgren@mikaellowgren · Founder RemindMeAt
Looks like a great tool. Influence marketing is totally new to me, so thanks for the free e-book too. Will be great to read the book in combination with using this tool!
Shib Hussain
Shib Hussain@shib88 · Working on something new
Can you use this for competitor pages?
Lyle Stevens
Lyle StevensHunter@thelylestevens
@shib88 Yes you can analyze any Facebook page URL
Edin Vejzovic
Edin Vejzovic@edinvejzovic · Designer, marketing-er, and a talker.
Here's an idea, can you narrow it down to - what area is the fan influental in, and maybe sort it out by those categories, it's more clear than names.
Lyle Stevens
Lyle StevensHunter@thelylestevens
@edinvejzovic We are doing topic/keyword analysis after posts are ingested, which is something we plan to include in the UI eventually. Thanks for the feedback!