Design, publish, & track live web apps without coding

#5 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2019
Famous is a design tool that enables designers to create, share, & publish stunning live mobile, tablet, and desktop experiences without coding. Share your designs live without needing to install anything on any device. Publish to any domain.
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15 Reviews5.0/5
Famous is a familiar design tool, but with an edge. It allows Designers to push straight to Production. In essence many Designers can become that "Unicorn" that the design industry always talks about. There are some guidelines to follow with setting up your art boards, which help Famous publish out Progressive Web Apps, but other than that it works as advertised. There are no more surprises for the Designer once the project is rendered in code. Whatever he/she designed is what makes it to production. The great part about frameworks like Bootstrap was that it was able to get working code into Production quickly, however it did have some limitations, and caveats if you wanted to use it without heavy customizations. Now, with Famous, you can get the speed of using a framework, but the freedom of a custom design. As an early adopter of the software, I can also attest to the speed in which the software is enhanced. The team at Famous have been crushing bugs, and adding new features on a weekly basis. As their brand-star suggests, they are also highly transparent and very accessible. To be honest, I'm not sure they sleep. I recommend Famous for any Designer that doesn't know how, or have the time to code their own projects. Famous will get a bit pricey for individual designers once the product comes out of beta. I would recommend that you sign up for the early bird pricing, unless you have a large budget, or an agency to foot the bill.
@chally_meeker Thanks Chally, much appreciated. You've been a great alpha and beta member of our community and you've been great at helping us identify and track down the bugs. We'll be at it every day making sure we provide you with a trustworthy product.
@chally_meeker Thanks so much for the kind words! You're exactly right, we don't sleep much, but feedback like this makes it all worth it. We appreciate you 😊
Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Hey it's @stevenewcomb and @marklu from Famous and we are really excited to introduce you to Famous, a brand new design tool that enables you to import, design, animate, preview, and publish beautiful mobile, tablet, and desktop experiences without any coding at all. Famous the first end to end comprehensive design tool that requires no coding and produces beautiful professional experiences that work on every device. --- HERE'S WHAT WE HOPE YOU'll LOVE ABOUT US --- Beauty Beauty is most important cultural value. Our product, our culture, our code, and all of designs are centered around beauty. It is our most fundamental value and it drives everything we do. We hope that when you try Famous you can see that we worked tirelessly to make every animation, every interaction, and every feature in Famous beautiful. Empathy Our greatest strength is that we are a design lead company. Our CEO is a designer and has great empathy for the problems that designers face every day in their work flows. Our designers actively use nearly every design tool, prototyping tool, collaboration tool and also learn and use CGI tools and advanced music production tools to really understand art, design, and workflow from every possible angle. Thought Leadership While we listen to our community, we also see it as our responsibility to solve our communities greatest pain points with revolutionary thinking. For example, we understood that requiring a person to download a "viewer" app on a phone to see a preview was a major blocker to client relationships and team collaboration and we invented a live preview that enables designers not only show their creations to clients and team members without downloading any software, they could design live on any phone shared into the preview. Approachability We are designers and we love being part of the community. We really value being SUPER accessible. So, we've implemented Slack directly inside of Famous so you can interact directly with the design community, with our engineers, or our designers, and even our CEO any time you'd like. Magic One of the things you'll see in Famous is simply it's pure magic. For example our live preview let's you design live on your phone, your team's phones, your clients phones, and even at a live event to up to 250,000 phones without requiring anyone to install any preview software on their phones. It's just one of many magical moments packed inside our software. πŸ™ We’d love to get some feedback and we're happy to answer questions! - Steve & Mark
I haven't used it myself yet but our UI Designer is quite mesmerized with the possibilities of the app πŸ™‚. Even if we just use it to prepare animations that our developers can later implement – it seems well worth it. Haven't tested everything yet, so can't give more specific feedback but Famous is definitely something that can make our product team's lives easier.
@rysanna Thanks Anna, I can't wait to see what you do with Famous. It's been really exciting to finally launch after so many years of development. If you have any questions at all, just hit me up in our public Slack Channel that's built into Famous - just click the Slack icon in the lower left of the ribbon and you can reach me, any of our engineers, or any of our QA team.
@stevenewcomb Thanks! And thanks for Famous πŸ˜„.

Famous is a great tool for any Designer who either can't code, or doesn't have the time to code their designs.


Offers something that other design tools don't.


More capability for fringe cases like supporting Internet Explorer, or less common device sizes.

I've been using Famous since early Alpha. The product itself is a game-changer for visual storytellers. The product rollout and alpha testing has been exemplary, with a design, QA and support team that is passionate and brilliant.
@micahboswell Thanks Micah. It's been a pleasure having you as one of our very first users. Whenever I'm tired and I haven't slept and I'm feeling totally burnt out, I just pull up your Instant Story you did and I get all the energy I need. You rock and keep up the really creative work with Famous.
@micahboswell thank you for the kind words! Your early alpha Lookback videos consistently brought joy to the office and there were definitely days that we needed it. We appreciate you 😊
@stevenewcomb You're a true craftsman - I'm honored that I've had a chance to help you and your team out. You have a grand vision, and that vision is desperately needed by the design community. You fight the good fight - happy to help in any way I can.
@dbradleyfl Absolutely, good sir. I'm a huge believer in the work you and your team have done. Drinks on me the next time I'm in SF - would enjoy taking you and steve out for a pint or two!