FamilyInSafe 2.0

Family locator, messenger and checklist

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Thank you @_jacksmith :) Hi Hunters, We've made few significant updates to improve our users experience and help them to solve their real problems. 1. Battery-friendly real-time location tracking We've improved our location tracking algorithm to make it more accurate and efficient. Now FamilyInSafe users are able to see each other's real-time location and don't think about their smartphones batteries lifetime. 2. Smart location-based reminders Set up task, connect it to one of 22 places categories (banks, groceries, drugstores etc.) and be notified when you walk/ride nearby. It helps do not forget about things that really matter. 3. Family budgeting This feature helps FamilyInSafe users to categorize and personalize their families monthly expenses and find out who is the biggest spender. Hope you'll like FamilyInSafe 2.0 Looking forward to hear from you hunters. Thanks
@oleg_avrah On iOS are you using LocationAccuracyBest or nearest 10 or 100 meters. We are seeing some battery drain issues with LocationAccuracyBest and thinking of moving to 100 meters. Any insight whether the change will have a material impact would be very helpful.
Hi @ashutoshdabral, we are using LocationAccuracyBest, but we are trying to minify location request, tracking data on user movement. We try to track data from accelerometer, wi-fi networks etc. and if user stay in the same place we didn't request locations
@platonenkonik Thanks for the response. Much appreciated !
@ashutoshdabral Not at all, btw didn't see your upvote for FamilyInSafe :)
@platonenkonik Done :) . I like the task sharing bit - when i used to work for I remember they were trying to build a shared shopping list feature. Your task sharing part can be used for that too
Android app: iPhone app: @platonenkonik, @oleg_avrah please could you tell us what's new in this new version 2.0 ?
This is just awesome! If I could upvote 10 times I would
@noxowe Thank you a lot, wish you good experience with our app
A chat with budgeting, just what I needed at the moment.
@didik_wicaksono Thank you! Looking forward to hear your feedback! :)
Hey @rrhoover It would be great to hear your thoughts about our product :)