Family locator, messenger and to-do list



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Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
Hello Hunters, Thank you for interested in FamilyInSafe app! We're very excited to introduce our product to the ProductHunt community. Hope you'll find it useful and give us your thoughts about it. FamilyInSafe app was designed to help people stay close to their loved ones. It's all about communication. collaboration and peace of mind. Stay close, have fun and keep your family in safe! :)
Daylen@askdaylen · Student and Wikipedian in Vancouver
What sets this apart from other family location trackers, such as Life360?
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@askdaylen better to-do list, better locations, better everything :) FamilyInSafe is not just location tracker. It's all about family communication and managing all important stuff. By the way, other apps don't have 24/7 cat-helper :) You should try FamilyInSafe. Will be cool! :)
NikMaker@platonenkonik · Founder @CryptoTNG
@askdaylen Just check our new version 2.0 on main page of Product Hunt, a lot of new features, smart task reminders, new real time location, smart checkins and many others
Steven Jacobs@stevenjacobs_ · Founder @edmsauce
Looks like a great app! With the GPS always running, do you see the battery is sucked away?
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@stevenjacobs_ nope:) We've optimized location tracking algorithm so FamilyInSafe is very battery-friendly.
NikMaker@platonenkonik · Founder @CryptoTNG
Hi @stevenjacobs_ we have just released v2.0, you can read about that version on main page at ProductHunt :)
vadim rozov@vadimrozov · Product Manager,
Looks like helpfull app, but does it allow to store photos in the cloud?
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@vadimrozov Thanks! Unfortunately no :)
Sergey Zeyruk@kidinsafe · Founder, KidInSafe
Cool app! What about reminders for tasks?
Oleg AvrahMaker@oleg_avrah
@kidinsafe we'll do it. for sure :) @platonenkonik