20 Sass mixins to help you manage :nth-child'ified elements

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Hey hey! Thanks a lot for hunting my project @micaelol! Even tho I would have like to wait a little bit before releasing it on PH, I'm happy to see it here. So, I decided to create this project after struggling with what I call "complex" css targeting. This small Sass library contains a bunch of helper mixins, that will make you save some time, instead of searching on google for the right syntax. I had a lot of fun making this project, and its landing page, and I hope you'll have as much pleasure using the mixins, as I had developing them! If you see any bugs, improvements, or have any ideas to make this lib even more awesome, feel free to ping me on Twitter! Cheers! --- EDIT : 4:35pm (GMT+1) After a few people asked me "why Family.scss", I decided to share the reason here, it's pretty easy to get though. Since, the main role of the mixins, is to manage nth-child, first-child, last-child, only-child.. I thought it was kinda right to call it "Family".
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@lukyvj I freaking love it! Very good work.
@timpietrusky Thanks my bro
This is one of those tasks that I have to look up every.single.time. This looks perfect, using @content exactly as I'd want a tool like this to do. Also, to see @hugogiraudel in there gives this a big stamp of authority, that guy knows what he's doing. Super slick homepage too. Great job @lukyvj πŸ‘
@fredrivett Thanks man, that comment is really warming me up :) You don't have any ideas about the "feebacks" I got for this project, some people must learn how to behave with others :) So thanks a lot for this comment which brighten my day!
@lukyvj Haha, there's always haters. Especially with code. Everyone is opinionated. But ultimately, selecting the :nth-child correctly isn't easy to achieve and is a powerful technique, so anything that abstracts that way into something simple like this gets my vote. Plus that homepage has clearly had a lot of love πŸ‘
Very useful abstraction!
@chinchang457 Thanks Kushagra, glad you like it!
Simple and nice
@enricocerroni Thank you Enrico, I wanted to keep it simple, to avoid having trouble understanding how it was working. And it seems I got to make something that a lot of people find simple! Thanks!
This is amazing!