Family Guy Yourself

Create your own "Family Guy 300th Episode" character

Family Guy Yourself is a webapp that allows you to create your own avatar like any character in the famous sitcom!

Chrissy Symeonakis
Joseph Ayoub
Andres Garcia
  • Pros: 

    I had a lot of fun creating my avatar


    lack of piercings :)

    I had a lot of fun creating my avatar

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Joseph Ayoub
Joseph Ayoub@joseph_ayoub · Just a big kids with cool projects.
Pros : It's fun. Cons : They don't have facial hair.
Braunson Yager
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
@joseph_ayoub Yes they do, it's under the face shape, you just have to scroll down.
Joe Batutis
Joe Batutis@jbatutis · Graphic Designer
@joseph_ayoub @braunshizzle Beard's there but you can't be bald without having a few stray hairs, though. Reminds me of a similar thing for the Simpsons. This is well done and doesn't involve Flash.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job !! 😊
David's Neighbour
David's Neighbour@davidsneighbour · Digital Marketing Artist
I can see the feet of my avatar on the resulting image, not the head. But funny idea if executed flawlessly. It's not quite obvious that you can scroll down to see more variations in the sections.
Rudy Lee
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
This is amazing! It would be nice if I can rotate the Avatar when I am making it! :)