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The Family Friendly Live team supplies regular family-friendly content on Twitch.
In general, live streams are less accessible due to including profanity, vulgarity, over-the-top gore, or other NSFW content. FFL aims to provide an antidote to this problem.
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David V. Kimball
David V. KimballMaker@davidvkimball · Founder, Family Friendly Live
Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce the creation of this Twitch team on Product Hunt. In the last several years I've noticed a demand for more "safe for work" kind of content on Twitch, whether it means being able to watch streams during a work break or around your family. We currently have about a dozen members and cover all kinds of streams from variety, to cooking, and speedrunning. This team is accessible to anyone with the Twitch app! Let me know what questions/comments you have.
Duy Tran
Duy Tran@duy_tran2
Duy Tran
Duy Tran@duy_tran2