Live and interactive reality TV for mobile 📱📺

FameGame makes live and interactive TV shows for mobile. Our first show is a recreation of American Idol that anyone can participate in.

  • Nathan Fong
    Nathan FongStudent at UC Berkeley

    Interactive, user friendly, and exciting! Allows users to demonstrate their talents and have fun!


    As the app grows in popularity the chatroom may change from more personalized interactive conversation to large group interaction.

    I appreciate the way the show is at the same time every day, creating scheduled entertainment like a TV show, but on your phone. What’s even better is that the show is interactive with a chat room. FameGame is leading the development of the new age of entertainment.

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  • Pros: 

    Free, Fun, and encourages self-improvement


    The community currently trends towards a younger demographic, but as new shows are produced I expect to see a greater diversity of users.

    With a very inviting, friendly, and by design mutually-encouraging user-base, FameGame is the perfect setting to begin sharing your image and experiences with an intimate community that's not limited to just your close friends and family. Plus, with the variety of challenges each day, FameGame encourages the discovery of new talents, provides an outlet to hone existing abilities, and even inspires you to learn video-editing skills!

    I highly recommend joining this blossoming community of up-and-coming stars!

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Hi everyone and thanks for checking us out! I’m Alexandra, co-founder at FameGame ⭐️📱We make live and interactive TV shows for mobile. Our first show is FameGame - imagine American Idol meets HQ Trivia. Most of our early users are teens, but our vision is to add more shows and expand into a mobile platform for interactive TV. Would love to hear your feedback 😄
I'd love to hear more about your mission to create mobile driven reality TV content ... why do you believe this is the future? @alexandrabotez
@abadesi Thanks for asking! I'm excited about mobile because it’s where the upcoming generation is spending most of their time. Traditional broadcasters haven’t adapted to this yet, and I think there’s a lot of space for innovation if you move fast enough.
Great space for teens! Once you get into the app you just get addicted to it!
Really wonderful platform. Easy UI, and huge growth potential. It gives people a chance to be truly involved and connected to other artistic, extroverts in the social media world.