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Manish MalikMaker@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Hi Product Hunt Community, Sharing Famealy with you - it's a Do-It-Yourself meal planning calendar for your family. We recently launched our iOS, Android and Web apps. We have strived hard to make the app simple and elegant. We want parents and even kids to get involved in planning the meals for the entire family. Our goal is to help families switch to a planned way of healthy eating with ease. This helps reduce stress and the regular nuance of "What are we having for dinner today? Why haven't we shopped for it yet?" We ourselves tried a variety of techniques and products (including Google Calendar, individual meal planners, calorie counters masquerading as meal planners, apps that would suggest and make the entire plan for you, apps that let you plan and order ingredients, apps that had meal planning as one of the things they did, and others) before settling on creating Famealy to focus on the following elements: 1. We focus on the individuals in the family. Our users can add their family members (or just their names) to the calendar and plan for each member (v/s assuming single dish for entire family). Several of our upcoming features will enhance this capability. 2. We focus on collaboration within the family. There's also a shared shopping list that works across various platforms (even web), and there are reminders for you to shop for the items in your list. We have users where everyone in the family is using Famealy from a different device. 3. We allow our users to follow a particular way of using the apps. For example - some users like to print the calendar on a sheet of paper (they do it using our web app) once a week - we facilitate that. There a lot of little nuances that go towards ensuring different users have their way in the apps, without adding every possible feature. Try it out - show it to the person in your home who decides on meals for your family everyday. We would love every piece of feedback. Thanks!
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@dotmanish Thanks for hunting! What are some meal planning tips you've observed that you could share with the community?
Manish MalikMaker@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
@abadesi Sure. I can share a few tips that our users have consistently told us about: 1. Consistency matters, just like in any other 'habit'. Some users told us they were setting alarms everyday in evening to remind themselves to plan. (We then incorporated the reminder feature in Famealy itself). Some users like to plan every Sunday. It differs for everyone, but doing it at a fixed day of the week or fixed time every day eases the process of thinking. Tell someone in your family to remind you if you yourself don't. 2. Stress to Plan: Thinking about what to eat tomorrow (or next 3 days, or entire week) is stressful when you have to plan for the entire family. It ain't easy - Googling for dish ideas helps. Once you get the hang of it initially, then it won't take much time. 3. It always helps to remember the number of times your family had to order 'unhealthy' alternatives just because nobody planned in advance what to cook, and it was way too much cognitive effort to shop and cook around the meal time. This will motivate you to plan ahead. 4. Shopping lists help: Thought of something right now? Add it to your shopping list or meal plan right away. Ask another family member (at work, or at home) to shop for things you just added in your list. 5. Keep track of leftovers. Your meal plan should be flexible enough to accommodate leftovers. (Users can drag and move meals around days of week if there are unplanned leftovers.) Hope these help the community members planning to plan, but resisting till now. Cheers!
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@dotmanish These are so helpful, thanks for sharing 🍽