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Hey everyone! My friends and I developed fame.farm because we live in cities with rich music scenes but feel like they're a wasted asset. There's no easy way of knowing which shows to see or artists to follow since the scattered listings are just names of mostly unknown artists. Like product hunt, we're aiming to create a site that lets us collectively feature the best artists with upcoming shows, and present them as an easily accessible playlist. We'd love to hear what you think, thanks for checking it out!
@christoleum Great work! I started working on something similar but never got around to finishing it up. How are you getting the songs though? I'm guessing SoundCloud? My version only had 30 second previews from iTunes.
@shanev Thanks Shane! Yeah, if you click the Post a Show button, you'll see all the elements of a post, including SoundCloud track URL. Luckily the vast majority of small- to medium-size artists that we try to promote have music available there.
Love the voting aspect!