Social Media and CX Management Platform.

Falcon.io provides a platform for social media marketing and customer experience management. It features tools for social media listening, engagement, publishing, measuring and customer data management. Marketers and companies can deliver more personalized brand experiences, across touchpoints, based on enriched customer profiles.

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Falcon.io provides a SaaS platform that allows marketing departments to create brand experiences, launch and measure social media campaigns in real time based on customer analytics. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, it is a very interesting platform.
Why do they make it so hard to sign up?
What's the USP vs. Buffer?
@ynotrusso Falcon is a very complete social media suite that goes beyond the mere scheduling. It is social listening, a complete content scheduling, campaign planning, engaging, reporting… All in the same tool. http://holavillaraco.com/social-... via @villaraco Javier Villaraco – Senior Social Media Manager @foodpandaglobal
@ynotrusso Falcon Social has an impressive approach to social analytics: their main belief is that analytics work best when combined with other data sources, so while you can have your in-depth analytics for individual social networks, Falcon Social can easily give you a bird’s eye view of your analytics across several platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. via @FR314 - Ben Donor, Social Media Analyst at Link Humans and Microsoft
@elizabethhunker Very much so :) Let us know if you'd like more info.
How big is your user base, roughly? Product looks great!
@andreioprisan Hi Andrei. Thanks, we put great emphasis on user-friendliness and easy UI. We have around 10k users of the platform.