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What's the selling point for people (like me) who already use & love iA Writer?
@bryantpeng A simpler storage hierarchy & a simpler storage structure. Falcon allows you to create a notebook > note structure, rather then selecting multiple locations over the disk to save your notes. Secondly its a completely plain-text based solution. All your notes are saved as .txt files & organised in notebooks which are represented as directories. In case you use open-source markdown based projects like Jekyll, Octopress or Ghost, this feature comes real handy to store the data, as there is no hassle while exporting or for that matter importing notes / notebooks.
@chintanghate Not to be difficult but iA Writer does both of those things lol. It stores all your notes exactly how you would expect (root folder > notebook folders > sub folders etc.) wherever you specify, and it's also plaintext w Markdown support.
@bryantpeng My Bad. You are indeed correct. I installed it today again & iAWriter does the same things as Falcon now. I used it quite a while ago when it was just an editor with no Library options, but now the functionalities are the same. The only upper hand Falcon has right now to iAWriter is better previews with code-highlighting & support for local images. You can also add line-numbers in code-snippet's preview, which makes reading code easier on small & big screens.
Falcon for iOS is a markdown based note-taking app, which uses just plain-text files and directories for storage, no databases. That makes the data app-independent & allows users to import-export data easily. I launched the MacOS app back in March, & received requests for an accompanying iOS app. I have been working on it for quite a while now & happy to finally share it on Product Hunt :)
@chintanghate Looks pretty sweet! One little thing — the last screenshot on the App Store should be rotated 90° 😉
@lachlanjc Thanks :) Last image's orientation is intentional, its a landscape image.
@chintanghate Yes but you have to rotate your phone to see it! :)
@lachlanjc Oh I see that. My Bad.
It's bad in the mobile app to everytime I create a new note I need to dele "content ..." from it. Don't make any sense.
@edmarferreira The default "content..." text was placed, because while testing the app, a few testers were unable to find the start of empty text-area due to margins around it. Since UITextViews don't have placeholders, placing default text there solved that problem.
@chintanghate not a big problem, just annoying. In my Iphone the app don't look like the screen shots ( no themes, the settings only show iCloud sync) is this right ?
@edmarferreira The themes are inside the editor window not the settings. If you press the "A" button above the editor, you'll be able to access editor related settings like Fonts & themes.
@chintanghate @edmarferreira You can make the keyboard popup directly when access to a new notes
@shantianyun @edmarferreira I tried to implement that but had some issues with it in iPad. If that happens then it would be the best transition.