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#4 Product of the DayMarch 12, 2016




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Mike CoutermarshHunter@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
Really nice looking notes app. I like that it has a similar/but nicer design than the default notes app + markdown support. Would be really nice if it stored/synced notes in iCloud as well.
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@mscccc Thank you. The sync feature will be added in the upcoming release, with mobile support for the app. For the first release my goal was to present it as a simple note-taking app, that went from 0-100 in 2 clicks :)
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@mscccc I would like to inform you that the app supports iCloud Sync & its iOS counterpart is live now! :)
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
Excited to be tagged as a maker on product hunt & see my first project as an Indie featured here :). I had a question asked about the app being native or not a couple of times, so would like to clarify on it. The only web-view based component in the app is the preview, everything else is made of basic native elements, & the whole app is coded in swift. I think the question rose from the point that you could theme it with hex-color codes. But how that works is that, whenever you change the theme, the app reads the light / dark plist files and assigns color to app components after converting the hex-colors to NSColors. I hope this resolves the doubt.
Kristian Muñiz@kristianmuniz · Software developer.
This app looks really cool. However, the user experience is not as intuitive as one would expect from a simple note taking app. :/
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@kristianmuniz Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to make it more intuitive with upcoming updates. Would you be able to shed some more light on what seems odd, so I can resolve it quickly.
Kristian Muñiz@kristianmuniz · Software developer.
@chintanghate For example, it would be awesome to start at the writing screen and *then* save it in a notebook. This, to avoid having to click "create a notebook", "create a new note", "toggle sidebar", and then "show preview". Also, being able to delete notes and notebooks using the "delete" key or even using swipe gestures would be great!
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@kristianmuniz Thank your for elaborating on the experience. With the first problem you mentioned about writing the content first & then saving the note - I am sorry to say that, but thats the process I wouldn't change cause it makes the task of saving content the user's responsibility. With current process, once the user creates a note and starts typing, he/she need not worry about if their content is being saved or not. I can completetly understand the point you are making, but I would like to be upfront about it and say no cause IMHO the burden of two clicks is much less than the worry of losing content. With your second issue about the shortcuts, thats completely on me. I should have created menu-items to list the shortcuts too & make them more accessible. Currently you can view the keyboard shortcuts from "Help > Keyboard Shortcuts". I hope this helps. :)
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
That looks like a clean and lovely note taking app for the markdown crowd. I'm too deeply embedded into Evernote to change, but still like this a lot.
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@andreasduess Thank you. I have plans to integrate Falcon with evernote and some other note-taking services later on, but first I would like it to be a stable cross-device note-taking app. So that may take time :)
Anmol Malhotra@anmol_malhotra4 · Student and Beta Tester
Nice app. Is it coming to iOS any time soon? And if yes I can help you in beta testing the app! You won't be disappointed! :-)
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@anmol_malhotra4 Thank you. Yup, its coming to iOS soon, & sure I would like if you could help out with beta-testing. :)
Mani Escobar@maniesco · Mani
@chintanghate Great looking app. I'm in the same boat as @andreasduess, I'm much too deep into Evernote to switch but this'll be an instant buy for me once it supports Evernote. I'd be happy the beta test the iOS version if you're looking for testers. Great work.
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@maniesco Thanks. I would surely love more beta testers. DM me your apple-id on twitter & I'll add you to the beta-testers list. Evernote integration will be tackled after making it a cross-device app, so that may take time. :)