Containing Fake News Together

The purpose of FakePatrol is to help STOP the spread of false information or fake news.
We envisage the app to be the ultimate fact-checker. We envision a community that is more conscious and more responsible when sharing information online.
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Hello everyone 👋 During these difficult times, we are battling against the pandemic and the effects it entails to society. We have been seeing a lot of misleading information, social media posts and even news articles. We realized that in order for us to validate misinformation and fake stories, we need to involve people. In this way, we get to know how people react to such news and give them the power to decide whether they think it's a piece of false information or not. Ultimately, we will help validate the articles being submitted to us and help tag it as something that people can share into their social media feeds. Our goal is to create a safer internet space and a venue for people to double-check if what they're reading is verified or not. Give https://fakepatrol.app a go and let us know how you can use it to better your experiences. We're hoping you guys can check out our product and we'll gladly receive any kind of feedback. Hope you find our solution useful!
Updated the site with new features: - Better SEO for each submitted articles - Community discussion with Disqus