FakeClients 2.0

Practice design and more using generated client briefs

#5 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2019
FakeClients is a website to help you practice logo design, UX, web design, graphic design and illustration. Press 'start' and a random design brief will be generated so you can practice your design skills and fill your portfolio, working for fake businesses.
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Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹ About 1.5 years ago I launched the first version of FakeClients. It started out as a silly side project but has now grown to thousands of monthly users and it's helping designers and illustrators from all over the world fill up their portfolio and practice design. After the first launch, many new features have been added for version 2.0. You can now generate Fake Client briefs to practice: 🚩 Logo Design πŸ–Œ Illustration πŸ’» Web Design πŸ–Ό Graphic Design πŸ“± UX Design and many more to come... Other new features include: βœ… Offer and get feedback on FakeClients.com/Feedback βœ… Upgrade to FakeClients Pro to get access to longer logo design, features like darkmode and longer, written logo design briefs βœ… Practice design using longer, more detailed, written logo design briefs
I LOVE FakeClients πŸ˜„ Happy for you 2.0 release!! I've been doing the Daily UI Challenge and FakeClients has been a big part of it. Coming up with clients is a breeze and it adds that zest to the challenge! Thanks August β™₯
@mrashleyball Thank you! 😁
It's interesting service, and like it!!
Very interesting product. Good luck!
Love the product concept! Such a great way for designers to create their own experience.