Fake Mail Generator

An absolutely free disposable email system

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 23, 2014
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Jonathan Libov
Jonathan LibovHunter@libovness · I can lift 100 lbs. right over my head
Really useful when you're testing your authentication system so that you can easily sign up with email addresses that don't already exist in your system. Particularly useful if you're automatically sending a welcome email and want to verify that it works.
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder - Tettra.co
@libovness A trick I use o test authentication on new projects is to append a variable to my email address when registering - e.g. andy+test@leadin.com. Unless you've coded it, your system won't recognize the duplicate, but you'll still receive the emails from your app. I've only tested this hack in GMail/Google Apps though, so maybe other mail providers don't automatically forward.
Adrian Grant
Adrian Grant@adriangrant · In Stealth
Great find! This looks much better than http://mailinator.com/
You sir are a Gentleman and scholar. I just used this