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Let your iMessage imagination run wild

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I was looking for a fake iMessage generator to make a group convo of tech billionaires coordinating travel plans to Trump Tower. Which I tweeted here: https://twitter.com/Nivo0o0/stat... And then I figured it would be better for the good of the world if ALL people can create their own made up iMessage conversations. So enjoy.
@nivo0o0 Cool idea but in my safari browser it seems not to work cause if you type in a message you can't see the button to add it. It is not possible to scroll further down... And why didn't you make a iOS 10 iMessage maker?
@jonas_petermann @nivo0o0 same in firefox, I had to zoom out to see the add button.
@youssef_nassim @jonas_petermann works fine in Chrome... I actually found it surprisingly adjustable in terms of scrolling, screen size, and so many ways to change the text components on the screen. Was impressed for a quick Google search find :)
I love this. The applications for this go way beyond humor. I've witnessed relationships where one party had to prove to another that they were with a certain friend at a certain time, or that this person said this or that, and often a screenshot of the text conversation serves this purpose. It could also be used as evidence of something happening or not happening in court as well, provided a judge/jury doesn't understand how images work.
The fonts are off; not sure if that was intentional
@maxwellhallel The native iOS font (SF UI) is not publicly exposed
YES! Adding this to my Comedy Tech collection.