Daily household cleaning that's affordable

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I first heard about Fairy from @mscccc and @jsneedles. I wish my building was serviced — I'd pay $149/mo for 2x/week cleaning in a heartbeat. All other cleaning options I've looked into are awful and/or expensive (looking at you, Handy). Fairy's only available in NY and SF according to @ryanlawler's TechCrunch post.
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@rrhoover thanks for hunting us! Here is a bit more about what our team is working towards: https://goo.gl/B73EAY @avlok
@nitin88 I hope you eventually expand to Chicago!
I use it, and it's great. $149 for a few cleanings a week is amazing. My apartment is always clean.
@gkoberger We appreciate your support!
When are you coming to Austin?
Add Paris and I'll be the next customer in a heartbeat
Huge fan, having tried all the other services, Fairy delivered the best stress free experience bar none.
@liveink thanks for the mention!