Vetted and honest VC reviews for diverse founders

FairFunders is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide female and underrepresented entrepreneurs with the voice and power to access capital in a safe and inclusive environment. We encourage accountability in the venture capital industry by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to rate and review their experiences with investors.

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Hey Product Hunt! My name is Samantha Friedman, and I’m one of the co-founders of FairFunders. We are building the FairFunders List – it’s a “Yelp for VCs” where diverse founders can rate and review investors. Inspired by the bravery of women who shared their experiences of unfair treatment at the hands of venture capitalists and well-established companies, seven female founders and I joined forces to start a nonprofit - FairFunders - with a mission to make the fundraising environment more equitable for everyone. Over the past two months, we worked with the incredible founders of YouMeWho (Vivienne Lee and Luping Lin) to bring the FairFunders List to life on their platform. We at FairFunders want all founders to know they are valued, and that they have a voice – right here on the FairFunders List. We aspire to create a culture where VCs hold themselves and their colleagues to high standards of professional behavior. We want to hear the good stories as well as the bad, and shine a light on role models for the VC industry. But we need your help. We want to hear your feedback so that we can improve the platform and enable it to better serve you. Please rate your investors, and let us know what you think of the platform! Thank you, and we’ll be here all day to answer your questions.

It has been a great experience to join some of the FairFunders sessions, get connected to potential investors, and ask direct questions in the meetings.


Well organized sessions. Access to investors.


Haven't found so far.