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A community of founders learning together. We have interviews with the founders of failed and successful startups, articles about entrepreneurship, and carefully curated resources to make you a better founder.

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Hey Product Hunters! I am Rich, maker of Failory. 16 months ago, I launched Failory 1.0 on Product Hunt, which consisted on a website where I weekly interviewed the founders of failed startups. Since then, I have been working on the site and improving it so as to provide the users with more tools and resources. 4 weeks ago, I decided it was time to carry out a re-design. I didn't want the interviews with the failed founders to be the main topic of the website anymore. That is why I completely re-designed the homepage and made important improvements throughout all the website. Today, I am launching this new Failory which aims to provide useful resources and content for startup founders and for those who are looking to start a business. I am also almost finishing a great tool which will be called Startup Cemetery, in which I have analyzed the causes of failure of +100 companies. I would love to hear your opinion and feedback about Failory 2.0 - if you want, contact me through social networks 🐦, email ( ✉️, or leave a comment below (I will be reading all of them) 👇.
@failory @clominson looks great! can you share details on how you approached such a long term content effort (especially the interviews!) Also, any tips on designing with webflow? I'm exploring it but feeling a bit overwhelmed atm. Did you start from scratch or from a template?
Good luck, Rich! Keep up the good work!
@ivandrag Thanks Dragos!
@ivandrag @clominson Congrats, looks great!
@hyperstartertw Thanks Giles! Good luck with Hyperstarter.
Looking great Rich, I know you put in a lot of work for failory and it shows. Looking forward to seeing where you take it next.
@daniel_ndukwu Thanks Daniel! I will soon publish your article ;)
Great to see 2.0 launch Rich! Looking forward to see the site move in this new direction. You've done an awesome job with it and I can see it becoming an extremely useful resource for a lot of people.
@frontendmentor Thanks a lot Matt 🙌 I am excited too to see the future of the site.
Many great stories founders can learn from. Love the new design!
@tzelonmachluf Thanks Tzelon. Glad to hear your like the new design ;)