Bringing the most accurate salary data to you

By bringing the most accurate salary data to you, Faerly helps you understand your expected salary so next time you go into a salary negotiation, you can be paid fairly.
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Nice! Maybe market the tool to recruiting firms too or individual recruiters, not just candidates. P.s. The spelling is cool haha I like the explanation
Hunters, did you negotiate your last job offer?
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Hi Hunters 👋 This really starts with Galen's first job out of college. He was super excited that he was about to start a great job with a prestigious firm. Nine of them started training on the same day and they bonded as a group. He slowly figured out he was the second-lowest paid person in the group although his resume was a long way from the second least impressive. Over the years, he's learned his experience was not unusual and most companies lack any pay equalization over time practice. If you start off lower-paid, you usually stay lower paid. To get out of that situation, the individual usually has to make a series of very mercenary decisions. Færly is all about changing the situation. Færly brings the most accurate salary data to your mobile phone, without having to fill out surveys. Take a picture of a payment document (W2, job offer, or pay stub) and we do the rest for you. Whether you want to compare by job title and location or school and major, it's all right there. Don't have an offer yet? No worries! Look at the market data and get an idea of how much you should be paid before that offer comes through. It doesn't end there. Want to know exactly what you made three jobs ago? Færly keeps your documents safe and secure. Want to see how you're doing three years from now? Færly lets you compare against people in similar industries with similar backgrounds. Next time you receive that job offer, don't blindly accept it. Understand your value by using Færly so you can get paid fairly. We are more than excited to share this app with you. Let us know what you think! P.S. We know that 'æ' is an archaic letter. But it looks super cool. You can always just search on Faerly. In fact, that's how we spell the name in all the stores.
Hm, it does what it says. The UI needs a lot of work. I don't see how the data is sourced. And I don't know why you need to install an app for something so simple. Best to stick to Glassdoor imho.
@eglove Sorry you didn't like it. If you're on iPhone, there was a delay in our App Store update. A new version made its way into the store about an hour after your comment.
@alex_papageorge : Thanks for the kind words. We are working on features for the employer side. Stay tuned. We're planning to launch that next month. As to the survey companies like Glassdoor, Payscale, etc., they're very hit and miss. Sometimes they're right on the money. Much more often they're way off. Fundamentally, it's a problem with surveys. People are bad at remembering quantitative data and surveys are just collections of memories. We get data from documents, both directly and indirectly. Right now, we have included data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Education in Færly. As we collect more data, we'll have proprietary data that is even more accurate.