A game in which you build and maintain factories.

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@russfrushtick This is actually one I have not played. Everyone over at /r/BaseBuildingGames always recommends it, however. I've heard it's fun to disable the enemies and just build.
I can not recommend this game enough, but be warned, if you like building complex factories you will spend DAYS on this.
It's an amazing game, still in development. And if the base game isn't enough there are lots of mods out there to add more tech and features. Highly addictive
Love the way team behind Factorio approaches development. As I know, they went with C++ and Allegro, they write a lot of custom code, instead of just go with something simple and popular like Unity engine. That's how your game becomes distinguishable.
@pan1cmod Well I can't totaly agree with this argument. I think most of the time it's better to go with a framework. This way I think you can consantrate more on the gameplay and other elements in the game, especially if you're a small team. In some cases what you say might be true though, but I think these cases are exceptions.
@ulasbilgen it's rare practice, because it's risky enough and takes time to create game technology by yourself. Nevertheless, Johnatan Blow shows a good example on how to make something different on top of your own technology:
Maybe, we are, programmers, just need more courage to dive deep into rendering pipeline, work on lighting and staff to bring something new to this world?