Protect your work on the blockchain

RewardChain has just launched the beta for FactomAuthorize, a web app that allows anyone, anywhere, to secure a digital ‘fingerprint’ (hash) of their data on the Factom and Bitcoin Blockchains—and to receive an official certificate that can be used to authenticate their data in the future.

For more info please see the Medium article.

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FactomAuthorise allows me to upload any file from my PC to prove without a shadow of a doubt that I made and own the contents of a file. It's great for code (in case of theft) because you can prove you made it first, and the stolen code is a mathematically provable match to the code you wrote.


Simple interface, fast response, free


None so far

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Thank you for your awesome review!
Hi there! I am Co-Founder and CEO of RewardChain. We run Authority Servers on the Factom Blockchain, and build cutting-edge software applications using Blockchain technology. We built FactomAuthorize because we are really excited about the power of the Factom Blockchain to secure the world's data—starting with digital IP. We believe that we can create a more open and honest world with Factom and other decentralized technologies. Please check out the linked Medium article to learn more about FactomAuthorize. Thanks for checking us out. We'd love to get your feedback and I'm more than happy to answer any questions 😃
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This site is great for verifying that a backup hasn't been tampered with before restoring. Highly recommended :-)
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Cool - for free too!
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