Fact Hunt

A social journalism platform to hunt fake news


Fact Hunt is a social platform to hunt fake news. We aspire to be India's most unbiased fact checking website and committed to burst any fake news shared by any media, journalists, politicians and popular social media profiles.

It is a unique platform which shows the stand of both left and right wing on any trending and controversial stories.

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Feels like a propaganda site from some political party in India. Very disappointed from producthunt.


Feels like a propaganda site from some political party in India.


Few stories seems fine.

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@parvsbhullar I have explained in my blog post about biasedness. It's your confirmation bias which led you to conclude that it feels like a propaganda site of a political party. If you would have browsed our website without any prejudice then you would have realised that it's a social platform and any one can submit article. To counter the propaganda, we have given the option of rebuttal. If you feel any of the article is wrong you can submit rebuttal. Since you have given your verdict. I would like you to explain why you thought it feels like a propaganda site? And please point out which content on our platform is propaganda. Thank you for your time.

Neutral platform


Open for everyone. Anyone can contribute, Debate section is good


No cons