Find your best Tinder photo

This app will help you pick perfect 1st picture for 🔥 Tinder.

Upload your two photos and people will vote for the best one.

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LOL genius app Raman 😂😂😂
@frcbls thanks man! Back to hot-or-not times 😉 Solving my own problems. Lol
@ksaitor saw your photo there and looks like one from you avatar here is not the best (:
@gordinmitya weird right? haha
Hello PH 👋 Hope you all had a lovely ❤️ Valentine's Day last week. And you've got ton of Tinder matches and went out on dates… If you have not, likely the reason is your 1st picture on Tinder. Probably it's not optimised and not getting you enough swipes in the RIGHT direction. 1st profile picture is 70% of your success. If your profile pic is suboptimal even a little bit, your ELO will go down like Titanic in cold waters. You can certainly keep asking your friends for feedback on your Tinder profile, but (if you dont have friends) you can also use Facerank A/B testing to give your results. How this works: 1. Upload your 2 photos 2. Community votes 3. You know which photo is better Motivation: I had to get back on Tinder a month ago, and thought I'd geek out and maximize my match rates. I've also making it a challenge — from 0 to $3k revenue in 3 months. I've shared some of my goals in this Tweeter thread 👉 https://twitter.com/ksaitor/stat... Tinder Smart Photos You might think that Tinder Smart Photos already solves this problem, but that’s not exactly true. “Smart Photos” is a black box. The way it work is that it'll shuffle your 1st picture and until it finds out which gets more swipes right. Tinder won't tell you which picture is the best, why is it the best, how does it compare to other of your photos and you'll learn nothing new how you should present yourself online. I'm trying to keep this app as silly as possible. So would love your feedback on it. Trying to figure out: - Catchy tag line? "Decide which Tinder pictures are better" — not too catchy - How to make the app itself more fun? - Consistent traffic sources? - Any UX improvements you'd like to see?
in case you fold would like to jump into Reddit discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/Tinder/...
So far people love upvoting, but no one uses comments feature. I wonder how to make it easier to use and comment?
Love this. I've thought about making the exact same app.
@marc_balaban nice nice! what was your motivation? got a demo / draft somewhere?
This app is the need of the hour for a lot of millennials. 😅
@ksaitor I gave it a test run after seeing your tweet that you still have $0 revenue which seemed surprising to me. Overall I think it's a great idea for an app that answers a relevant question. As a user, it's not clear at what rate the points are being deducted, and also what for. I think a page describing how they work would be useful, or a clear dramatic animation showing +1 point or -1 point when I make the action that modifies the point value. Otherwise I have no idea what action actually modifies the points. Personally I feel no need for the points given how confused I am by them. I especially like seeing what other people's photos are liked at what % which gives me ideas for my own. I would love to see which photos are preferred by men vs women (individual stats versus grouped into one), which depending on sexual orientation may be a relevant difference for some.
@alexei_darmin Thanks for the insightful thoughts, man! Writing all this down and will take into account for the next iteration. Why are you surprised about $0 revenue? How & what would you want to pay for?
@ksaitor Take my business insights with a grain of salt cause I haven't started anything from scratch profitable just yet :) I feel like currently it's too easy to get points and avoid paying indefinitely. Usually with digital-currencies you want to set it up so that users can slowly accrue them by investing into the platform (rating pictures) but only after a threshold of ratings do they get to upload one pair of images to be rated. The way your app is set up it takes no to accrue the free tokens in order to get access to 100% of the app. Whereas if you set it up so that spending money actually saves users time by not having to invest 10 minutes of rating to get rated, then there is incentive for some users to pay (to save their time).