Facer 2.0

The most complete smartwatch customization platform ever

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Hey all! I’m Ariel, co-founder and CEO at Little Labs, and I’m excited to share the Facer 2.0 platform with the Product Hunt community today! This is the first major update for Facer, one of the early comers and most popular watchface customization apps for Android Wear. Our team has worked hard over the past few months to expand our existing solutions and creation tools to make Facer the most complete smartwatch customization platform ever! The Facer 2.0 platform now includes a free Android app showcasing thousands of watchfaces from exclusive brand partners, graphic artists, as well as our growing community of users. Our online presence has also expanded to include a brand new website, and a state-of-the-art watchface editor with HD canvas, preset elements, drag and drop support, and more. You could create your first watchface and publish it to our platform in literally 2 minutes. Give it a try at www.facer.io! And this is just the beginning… I’m super excited to announce that we’re expanding Facer’s reach to other smartwatch platforms outside of Android Wear, with an Apple Watch release in the next few weeks. Looking forward to your questions in the comments! The Little Labs crew
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@arielvardi Nice! Congrats on the 2.0 launch! I'm loving some of the more minimalist faces and the creativity this allows for! Building on a nascent and evolving platform has always been an interesting challenge - any learnings for those looking into other new platforms (VR, etc)? I assume it has been a "buy all the gear asap and adjust" approach?
Excited for the Apple release!
Inspirational Product! Design Ideas: All varieties of.. Bottle Caps, Coins, Emojis, Celebrities faces! (all emotions) Stylish Vehicular Rims! (ex Daytons) An eyeball that gets sleepier looking as the day goes on.. ;p Planets of the Solar System (including black holes) Circular/Square foods! A rotating globe! (all varieties of colors) I will notify you here at PH if I come up with more! I hope this was beneficial for you to read! :) Thank you. Jaswinder Brar
@fluxradequation That is perfect! Thank you & Best regards to your success! :)
Easily the best android watch face market place out there
Now that is what customization should look like. This makes me want to buy a smartwatch!