Pause any app when you look away

Face Pause stops any game/video when you aren't looking at the screen.

Face Pause can be useful when :

• Playing your favorite game.
• Watching YouTube videos.
• Watching Movies/Series.
• Listening to Music.

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@carl_duncan I have listed this app as #3 app for this month's apps roundup!
@alphahunter thank you soo much! :D
@alphahunter send the link so i can add it please :)
@carl_duncan PM'ed you, please check!
My app is based off the early feature on old Samsung devices which allowed to to pause videos you weren't watching. That feature was later discontinued by Samsung. It had the limitation that the video had to be on your device. FacePause works with any app/game/music player. If you have any comments or suggestions/ feel free to message me or comment !