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Hello Everyone! Today we’re excited to share FaceOff, a fun experiment to help you find your best selfie. We all have *that friend* who thinks their selfie game is on point, yet their ridiculous kissy-face doesn’t seem to deliver. Profile pictures are an important first impression on the Internet, so we built a playful tool to help you find the best “front cover” for your story. While the concept sounds silly, a better profile pic can help you get more matches on dating apps or even more leads on job sites like LinkedIn. Funny story: The idea for FaceOff was born from a bug while our team was building Glimpse (dating for Instagram). We saw users changing their profile pics until they started getting more messages, so we thought it would be fun to build a tool to automate this behavior. Look forward to your feedback!
Love the name, mostly because: Neat idea, @elan_miller. Is this just a side project to Glimpse? If so, what if it takes off? I wrote some thoughts about startup side projects about a year ago.
@rrhoover lol, we love the movie too. yep, just a side project! but if it gets enough momentum, we'll allocate more resources towards it.
@rrhoover you're gonna like this then :) http://tryfaceoff.com/404
@rrhoover my immediate thought as well.
Great job on this. I just signed-up, quick and easy. I also like that you pull in pictures from FB to make getting started easy. It is TOTALLY something I could see mindlessly going through - voting on strangers profile pictures. :-)
@corleyh thanks corley!
Love this! Now I'll know which photo to post :)
@sophiaedm hehe thanks sophia :)
Love the idea! And the execution is on point. Congrats to the team!