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I'm a big @bencera_ fan. I met w/ him for lunch when he visited SF ~3 weeks ago and he showed me an early version of Facefeed, inspired by his other product, Context (http://www.trycontext.com/, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/272), which I use daily. Facefeed is fun and knowing how fast and experimental Ben is, I'm excited to see where he takes it.
thanks @rrhoover! I'm a big fan of you as well :p
Aww, shucks. @bencera_ - I'm curious what the average day in the life of Ben is like. Being a one man dev team, how do you decide what to build and do on a daily basis?
i'm passionate about building products people love. i ask a lot of feedback to my users and try to adapt to that. Engineering is easy, Figuring out what people get addicted to is harder :)
@bencera_ - love that. What's awesome about your products (Context and Facefeed) is that you have a direct line to your users. In fact, I could geek out about that topic but I'll leave that for our next lunch meetup. :) Speaking of "addictive" products (although perhaps habit-forming is a more altruistic/positive adjective), which products or entrepreneurs are you inspired by?